Press releases

“Funds advised by Abac Capital sell PronoKal Group to Nestlé Health Science to expand its weight management portfolio” (07.02.2022) More

“Abac invests in OB Cocinas to lead kitchen furniture manufacturing in Spain” (20.01.2022) More

“Abac Capital incorporates ESG metrics to fund Capital Call Bridge Facility” (18.01.2022) More

“Abac Solutions closes the sale of Isolana to BME Group, one of Europe’s leading building material distribution companies” (02.06.2021) More

“BME Group, a leading distributor of construction materials in Europe, invests in Grupo BMV to accelerate growth” (15.04.2021) More

“Abac Capital obtains B Corp certification” (18.03.2021) More

“The Abac Solutions fund launches Nuzoa, the leading national company in the distribution of animal health products and services” (12.11.2020) More

“Abac obtains the highest rating in the annual evaluation of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment” (22.09.2020) More

“Abac Solutions creates the leading Spanish company for the distribution of zoosanitary products with the purchase of Elasa, Llanera, Maipe, Goiko and Norvet” (07.09.2020) More

“Abac Solutions partners with the founder of Iberfrasa to accelerate its growth” (03.09.2020) More

“Abac Solutions invests in the Isolana Group to boost its growth” (16.04.2019) More

“Abac Solutions successfully completes its entry in the shareholding of Grupo Agroponiente” (26.02.2019) More

“Abac Solutions invests in the growth of Grupo Agroponiente, Lara Castañeda and Vega Cañada” (15.01.2019) More

“Abac Solutions acquires a majority stake in Motocard” (17.09.2018) More

“Beer&Food acquires 100% of the chain of Mexican restaurants La Chelinda” (04.06.2018) More

“Beer&Food acquires the chain of thematic restaurants Tommy Mel’s” (28.05.2018) More

“Beer&Food acquires the Spanish master franchise of Tony Roma’s and reaches 400 stores in Spain” (05.03.2018) More

“Abac Capital launches Abac Nest with a group of entrepreneurs to invest in Spanish start-ups in the seed phase” (05.02.2018) More

“Abac Solutions takes control of CASUAL BEER & FOOD, a branch of HEINEKEN SPAIN dedicated to catering” (15.01.2018) More

“PronoKal Group acquires the Italian SDM” (12.01.2018) More

“Abac Solutions acquires Plating Brap” (11.01.2018) More

“Abac Solutions acquires PronoKal Group” (03.04.2017) More

“Abac closes its maiden fund at €320m” (30.05.2016) More

“Abac invests €10m in Figueras International Seating” (30.12.2015) More

“Abac funds acquire Metalcaucho, an auto spare parts company” (04.08.2015) More

Abac news

“Oriol Pinya (Ascri): “Private equity will not take advantage of companies’ desperation”” Cinco Días  (02.05.2022) More

“B Corp: the sustainable business club” Expansión  (27.04.2022) More

“Oriol Pinya (Ascri): “We are at a time of caution in investment due to the war in Ukraine, but it is temporary”” El Español  (24.04.2022) More

“Grupo Agroponiente does not miss its appointment with Expolevante Níjar” Mercados  (21.04.2022) More

“Mercadona is using refills in its perfumery products to reduce plastic and its waste” Europa Press  (11.04.2022) More

“The riders Adrián Huertas, Álvaro Bautista and Iker Lecuona have visited the Motocard shop in Zaragoza” El Confidencial Digital  (08.04.2022) More

“Carl’s Jr. chain opens its first restaurant in Santander” Restauración News  (31.03.2022) More

“Grupo Agroponiente becomes the main sponsor of the association ‘Soy especial, y qué?’ (I am special, so what?)” esRadio Almería  (11.03.2022) More

“Motocard pays tribute to Luis Salom in its new shop in Mallorca” El Confidencial Digital  (04.03.2022) More

“Agroponiente drives innovation in its processes through voice biometrics” La Voz Digital  (02.03.2022) More

“Agroponiente Group strengthens its management team with the incorporation of Imanol Almudí” Alimarket  (24.02.2022) More

“Avanza Food aims to reach 100 Carl’s Jr. and 60 Tony Roma’s by 2025” elEconomista (21.02.2022) More

“Avanza Food reinforces its commitment to AUARA in its fight against the lack of drinking water” Indisa (17.02.2022) More

“Agroponiente joins the fight against cancer” eComercioAgrario  (16.02.2022) More

“Segovian cattle veterinarians to learn about new legislation” Animal’s Health  (14.02.2022) More

“Nestlé buys Spanish dietetics company Pronokal from Abac Capital fund” Invertia (07.02.2022) More

“Agroponiente is working on the Spring campaign” La Voz de Almería (05.02.2022) More

“Private equity fundraising in Spain accelerates at liquidity highs” elEconomista (30.01.2022) More

“Borja Martínez, founding partner of Abac Capital: “The second fund of 350 million and the investment in OB Cocinas represent new consolidation milestones”” elEconomista (25.01.2022) More

“Abac fund buys Cordovan furniture company OB Cocinas” El Periódico (20.01.2022) More

“Abac launches its second 350 million fund with the purchase of OB Cocinas” elEconomista (20.01.2022) More

“UN Global Compact Spain doubles 2020 growth by achieving 20% more members by 2021” Europa Pres (18.01.2022) More

“Avanza Food helps young people at social risk to enter the labour market” Restauración News (18.01.2022) More

“Digitalisation and sustainability, strategic priorities for private equity in 2022” elEconomista (04.01.2022) More

“Jorge Reig, CEO of Agroponiente: “Differentiation is not easy”” Revista Mercados (20.12.2021) More

“Funds anticipate strong buying activity” La Vanguardia (13.12.2021) More

“Cruz Roja highlights the work of Agroponiente, a member of the Cruz Roja´s Employment Plan” La Voz de Almería (10.12.2021) More

“Avanza Food consolidates its partnership with Mapal” Alimarket (09.12.2021) More

“CEP Auto Day will revert to the face-to-face format in 2022” Mundoplast (07.12.2021) More

“Barcelona without complexes” Via Empresa (30.11.2021) More

“Avanza Food continues its commitment to ‘dark kitchens’ and opens a fifth one in Valencia” elEconomista (24.11.2021) More

“Agroponiente receives SMETA certification for ethical trade practices” La Voz de Almería (24.11.2021) More

“Avanza Food reinforces its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact” Restauración News (16.11.2021) More

“Ascri launches club to promote diversity in the private equity industry” Europa Press (17.11.2021) More

“Agroponiente continues its collaboration with the Red Cross Almeria Employment Plan” Revista Mercados (08.11.2021) More

“Private equity, opportunities and trends” EFPA España (28.10.2021) More

“Avanza Food creates an ultra-fast mixed delivery system for its brands” elEconomista (21.10.2021) More

“Great success of Agroponiente with Raf tomato in the ‘Salón Gourmet’” Revista Mercados (21.10.2021) More

“Oriol Pinya (ASCRI): ‘ESG improves operating multiples’” Social Investor (18.10.2021) More

“LA RAZÓN’s Wellness and Quality of Life Awards are committed to innovation and health” La Razón (15.10.2021) More

“Nuzoa turns one year old” Axon Comunicación (14.10.2021) More

“Agroponiente launches in Madrid its new brand image and website” Ideal Amería (05.10.2021) More

“Nuzoa collaborates in the 85th Comillas Friesian cattle contest-exhibition” Portal Veterinaria (01.10.2021) More

“Roberto Santamaría, Nuzoa’s new National Livestock Sales Manager” Euroganadería (30.09.2021) More

“Tony Roma’s launches Tony’s Awards to reward customer loyalty” Restauración News (29.09.2021) More

“This will be the ‘post-Covid’ return to the office of the funds” El Economista (24.09.2021) More

“Carl’s Jr. reaches 25 restaurants in Spain” Restauración News (20.09.2021) More

“Agroponiente starts the campaign with a redoubled focus on the farmer” A en verde (15.09.2021) More

“Agroponiente prepares a Fruit Attraction with many new features at its stand” Fruit Today (09.09.2021) More

“Iberfrasa records 20% growth in the year of the entry of Abac Capital” Alimarket (08.09.2021) More

“Agroponiente collaborates in the Inclusive Summer Camp of the Altea Autism Association” A en verde (02.09.2021) More

“Mike Woida: ‘Last year was one of the best sales year in our 80-year history’” El Economista (11.08.2021) More

“NUZOA commits to sustainability by adhering to the United Nations Global Compact” Axón Comunicación (06.08.2021) More

“The mechanization in which the Agroponiente Group trusts” Revista Mercados (06.08.2021) More

“Avanza Food appoints Rosa Carvalho as new Corporate Marketing and Communications Director” Forbes (05.08.2021) More

“Big Data: Rosa Carvalho, Avanza Food Marketing Director: ‘Generating value for the customer'” Hi Retail (03.08.2021) More

“The program of the VIII Alimarket Organized Catering Meeting is complete” Alimarket (29.07.2021) More

“Carl’s Jr. Islazul, award for best restaurant Carl’s Jr. international” Revista Centros Comerciales (27.07.2021) More

“Iberfrasa expands its facilities with a clad-rack automated warehouse” Alimarket (23.07.2021) More

“Work experience at Agroponiente begins for people from ‘Asalsido’”  La Voz de Almería (16.07.2021) More

“Sergio Rivas, CEO of Avanza Food: “Covid has been like a particle accelerator”” Restauración News (14.07.2021) More

“Abac expands its veterinary business with two acquisitions: Nayeco and Segarve” El Economista (09.07.2021) More

“NUZOA Collaboration with YARACAN (Organization dedicated to Animal Assisted Interventions)” Axon Comunicación (06.07.2021) More

“Avanza Food opens in Murcia its fourth dark kitchen” El Economista (06.07.2021) More

“Do you want to know who won the Hot Concepts 2021? The hospitality industry had its big night” Restauración News  (02.07.2021) More

“NUZOA has signed an agreement with SERGAVE” Axon Comunicación (22.06.2021) More

“Spain accounts for almost 60% of the world’s agri-food mergers” Expansión (21.06.2021) More

“Grupo Agroponiente receives again the Sustainability Certificate from IFCO for its respect for the environment” Valenciafruits (20.06.2021) More

“Carl’s Jr. focuses on loyalty” Alimarket (14.06.2021) More

“Agroponiente Group and Condis, again allies against cancer” Revista Mercados (14.06.2021) More

“Grupo Agroponiente reinforces its commitments to the United Nations Global Compact” La Voz de Almería (07.06.2021) More

“Outreach and pedagogy for World Environment Day in El Ejido” Diario de Almería (03.06.2021) More

“All the secrets of franchised dark kitchen” Emprendedores (01.06.2021) More

“Agroponiente Group and Altea Autismo create a service for needs detection” La Voz de Almería (18.05.2021) More

“Carl’s Jr. opens in Madrid its 1,000th restaurant outside the U.S.” Restauración News (11.05.20201) More

“We work to show our commitment to product quality” Revista Mercados (29.04.2021) More

“Thierry Rousset (Avanza Food): “Delivery will account for 25% of our total sales”” Revista Restauración (23.04.2021) More

“Blackstone’s construction materials company Grupo BME enters Spain with acquisition of BMV” Europa Press (15.04.2021) More

“Dark kitchens already move 740 million euros in Spain” Food Retail & Shoppers (30.03.2021) More

“‘Caja de Hortalizas’, the new online commerce website of Grupo Agroponiente” Revista Mercados (22.03.2021) More

“Who should SEPI help?” La Vanguardia (21.03.2021) More

“Abac Capital obtains B Corp rating for sustainability” Europa Press (18.03.2021) More

“Beer&Food buys Tony Roma’s brand in Spain, France, Portugal and Andorra” Europa Press (17.03.2021) More

“Initiatives that impact the customer” Contact Center Hub (17.03.2021) More

“Agroponiente collaborates with Altea Autismo in the implementation of a social worker service” AenVerde (15.03.2021) More

“Pets whet the appetite of funds: a 2 billion dollar vein” La Información (13.03.2021) More

“Grupo Agroponiente incorporates a new logistics center in Águilas, with more than 130 hectares of production and a warehouse for packaging” InfoAgro (08.03.2021) More

“The restaurant chain Carl’s Jr. (Beer&Food) plans to open nine locations in Spain in 2021” Europa Press (08.03.2021) More

“The Catalan company Isolana exports 1.5 million in material for sanitary infrastructures” AlDia (28.02.2021) More

“Agroponiente moves forward in tropical fruit: new brand and range expansion” Alimarket (23.02.2021) More

“Beer&Food introduces new division of Dark Kitchens & Virtual Brands” Revista Hostelería (17.02.2021) More

“The pandemic accelerates sustainability investment: a private equity fund manager explains how they select assets with the analysis of more than 50 indicators or the ‘mother test’” Business Insider (12.02.2021) More

“Funds boost purchases of Spanish food companies” Expansión (07.02.2021) More

“Sustainability and profitability are becoming increasingly intertwined” La Vanguardia (05.02.2021) More

“BMV Group launches a new specialist distributor with an initial network of six warehouses” Alimarket (02.02.2021) More

“Nuzoa in constant evolution” Axón Comunicación (01.02.2021) More

“Private equity embraces ESG as a lever to accelerate returns on its investments” Social Investor (25.01.2021) More

“Private equity investment in Spain fell 35% last year as large rounds declined: 2021 will be ‘very strong’ in mid-size deals” Business Insider (21.01.2021) More

“6 resolutions to reach a healthy weight definitely in 2021 (and how to achieve them)” Vogue (19.01.2021) More

“Members of the Spanish Network of the Global Compact increase by 10%” Corresponsables (14.01.2021) More

“Carrefour launches a new cosmetic product ‘made in Toledo’” El Digital Castilla-La Mancha (05.01.2021) More

“2021 in the funds: from private equity and sustainability to El Corte Inglés AM and the stock market debut of Allfunds” El Español (01.01.2021) More

“Grupo Agroponiente: ‘We can be very proud of our agricultural sector’” Revista Mercados (29.12.2020) More

“What are the industry’s wishes for the coming year?” Capital Privado (28.12.2020) More

“Grupo Agroponiente collaborates with ALTEA Autismo” Revista Mercados (22.12.2020) More

“Quintanar companies sweeten Christmas to their nursing homes” La Tribuna de Toledo (17.12.2020) More

“Carl’s Jr. opens its third establishment in Valencia” Restauración News (14.12.2020) More

“Private equity sows its investment throughout the Spanish countryside” El Economista (14.12.2020) More

“Trends and business interest in the agri-food sector” Profesional Agro (09.12.2020) More

“Paz Serrano, Development & Franchise Corporate Director of Beer&Food: ‘We offer the best gastronomic experience at all levels’” Franquicia.net (12.2020) More

“Interview with Ramón Esteban, managing director of Nuzoa” Axón Comunicación (30.11.2020) More

“Mergers and acquisitions in Spain win the battle against the coronavirus: they move 90,000 million” El Economista (27.11.2020) More

“‘The orchard’ promises for private equity investors” Capital Privado (23.11.2020) More

“Comertia considers the measures proposed to reopen in Catalonia ‘insufficient’” Financial Food (20.11.2020) More

“Abac Capital creates the company of zoosanitary products Nuzoa” Europa Press (12.11.2020) More

“For the third time in a row, Grupo Agroponiente will once again be the main sponsor of the Altea Autismo Association” Agronoticias (05.11.2020) More

“#Restaurando2021: consolidated groups, on stage” Restauración News (05.11.2020) More

“Oriol Pinya, founding partner of Abac Capital: ‘Beyond investing in profitability, you have to invest with social responsibility and do things right'” Corresponsables (03.11.2020) More

“Private equity, a good choice in an environment of uncertainty” Capital Riesgo (28.10.2020) More

“Does sustainable investing make companies more profitable?” Capital Privado (26.10.2020) More

“Jorge Reig focus on the commitment of Grupo Agroponiente during the summer in terms of infrastructure, product portfolio, professional talent and quality” Agronoticias (23.10.2020) More

“The great IPOs drought sets off alarms” Listin Semanal (16.10.2020) More

“Abac creates the Spanish leader in zoosanitary products with the merger of Elasa, Llanera, Maipe, Goiko and Norvet” Capital & Corporate (10.2020) More

“Carl’s Jr. reaches 20 restaurants in Spain” Hostelería (08.10.2020) More

“Grupo Agroponiente gets involved in Fruit Attraction LiveConnect, as a ‘channel to maintain close contact between the links in the sector’” Retail Actual (06.10.2020) More

“These are ‘The most influential of 2020’” Revista Mercados (01.10.2020) More

“Abac obtains the highest rating in the annual evaluation of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment” Capital Riesgo (22.09.2020) More

“Agroponiente has already restarted its commercial relations with the United States” La Voz de Almería (18.09.2020) More

“Ramón Esteban, general director of the Veterinary Group of Abac Solutions: ‘Our goal is to consolidate this new company as a leader in the veterinary product distribution sector’” IM Veterinaria (17.09.2020) More

“Grupo Agroponiente joins the 5 Al Día Association” Revista Mercados (17.09.2020) More

“Ramón Esteban, new general director of the veterinary group of Abac” Animal’s Health (11.09.2020) More

“Improving mood through diet? It’s possible” AtlánticoHoy (09.09.2020) More

“The Abac Capital fund creates the Spanish leader in animal products integrated by five companies” El Economista (07.09.2020) More

“Beer&Food wins four Hot Concepts awards” Revista Centros Comerciales (03.09.2020) More

“The Abac Solutions fund acquires a majority stake of Iberfrasa” La Vanguardia (03.09.2020) More

“Luis Catarino (Brands Beer&Food): ‘The brands in our sector can not live off promotions’” El Publicista (27.08.2020) More

“Summary July 2020: The immologistics market will reactivate in the second half of the year” Cadena de Suministro (10.08.2020) More

“The Technical Department of Grupo Agroponiente works with the farmers in preparing the farms for the next season” FH Almería (04.08.2020) More

“The clues of private equity to invest after the pandemic” Cinco Días (01.08.2020) More

“Oriol Pinya, one of the ‘sheriffs’ of Spanish private equity: ‘The fog is already clearing'” Vozpópuli (25.07.2020) More

“The Spanish companies and foreign funds applaud, with reservations, the European agreement” Vozpópuli (22.07.2020) More

“Private equity will live a year of transition in 2020, without reaching investment levels of 2019, according to Ascri” Europa Press (20.07.2020) More

“The ‘#JuntosEsMejor’ program will bring menus to more than 280 families so they can enjoy a special meal plan” Europa Press (16.07.2020) More

“The drought of investments in stock exchange shoot the alarms” El País (12.07.2020) More 

“Jorge Reig (Grupo Agroponiente): ‘Águilas is the first step in our expansion’” Radio Lorca – Cadena SER (11.07.2020) More

“’Invest in Franchises’ is born, an initiative to promote the opening of commercial businesses under the franchise model” Revista Inforetail (09.07.2020) More

“Grupo Agroponiente obtains the 2019 Sustainability Certificate” Revista Mercados (06.07.2020) More

“Beer&Food (Tony Roma’s and Tommy Mel’s) signs agreement with Axpo Iberia for the supply of ‘green’ energy” Europa Press (01.07.2020) More

“Experts say: what challenges do they face in the coming months?” Capital Privado (30.06.2020) More

“Grupo Agroponiente develops a new type of packaging that lengthens the commercial life of vegetables” FH Almería (19.06.2020) More

“Portfolio management in Covid-19 times” Capital & Corporate (06.2020) More

“All Beer&Food premises and central offices, free spaces of COVID-19” Indisa (16.06.2020) More

“Pronokal goes digital and makes losing weight easier than ever” Telva (11.06.2020) More

“Beer&Food pays tribute to its employees” Indisa (03.06.2020) More

“Dr. Ignacio Sajoux, from Pronokal: ‘Obesity and overweight have negative consequences on Covid-19’” Status – El Economista (02.06.2020) More

“Conversations during the Coronavirus. Jorge Reig, Agroponiente” Revista Mercados (27.05.2020) More

“Raúl Medina, new Commercial Director of Grupo Agroponiente: ‘I join a company that is synonymous of leadership, innovation and responsibility’” Revista Mercados (27.05.2020) More

“Experts say: what will the ‘new reality’ of private equity be like?” Capital Privado (25.05.2020) More

“Beer&Food’s terraces (Carl’s Jr or Tony Roma’s) open with the maximum guarantees of safety and higiene” Expansión (25.05.2020) More

“Ascri renews its management board with Aquilino Peña, from Kibo Ventures, as president until 2022” Europa Press (21.05.2020) More

“Very positive balance of the first year of Agroponiente in Granada” Revista Mercados (08.05.2020) More

“ODS2. The #Juntosesmejor initiative by Beer&Food exceeds 600 shipments to essential groups” Corresponsables (06.05.2020) More

“Beer&Food will start up the take away service in their restaurants” Alimarket (30.04.2020) More

“J.A. Molina, head of the Risk Department of Grupo Agroponiente: ‘we can confront more telematic processes than we thought'” La Voz de Almería (24.04.2020) More

“PronoKal launches a solidarity campaign to offer nutritional advice during the confinement period” PMFarma (15.04.2020) More

“Agroponiente donates 2,000 kilos of products to Almeria hospitals” La Voz de Almería (10.04.2020) More

“Beer&Food (Carl’s Jr and Tony Roma’s) exceeds 100 shipments to essential groups such as health workers or police” Expansión (06.04.2020) More

“Companies from the agricultural sector in Almeria join the fight to combat COVID-19” FH Almería (03.04.2020) More

“Grupo Agroponiente celebrates the World Water Day highlighting the innovations of our field for the proper use of it” FH Almería (23.03.2020) More

“Grupo Agroponiente introduces maximum security protocols in its facilities” La Voz de Almería (18.03.2020) More

“AmRest, Beer&Food, Comess Group, Telepizza or 100 Montaditos guarantee home delivery” Europa Press (17.03.2020) More

“Grupo Agroponiente gives voice to six women in the agricultural field” eComercio Agrario (10.03.2020) More

“Pronokal does not starve” El Punt Avui (08.03.2020) More

“PwC promotes the sustainability of Spanish private capital” Capital Privado (25.02.2020) More

“Agroponiente joins the Network of Socially Responsible Municipal Companies” La Voz de Almería (24.02.2020) More

“Beer&Food shoots 54% of its EBITDA and invoices 227 million” Expansión (24.02.2020) More

“Metalcaucho continues betting on the Asian vehicle” Autopos (21.02.2020) More

“Metalcaucho invests in a tool to support its commercials” MRyT.es (11.02.2020) More

“The dieting company PronoKal gains weight” La Vanguardia (10.02.2020) More

“84% of private equity funds invest according to ESG criteria” Cinco Días (06.02.2020) More

“Sustainability, key in private equity” El Economista (05.02.2020) More

“The funds step on the accelerator: they dive into the automotive industry” Capital Privado (28.01.2020) More

“Beer&Food (Tony Roma’s and Carl’s Jr) will grow in Spain with the opening of 25 restaurants” Europa Press (21.01.2020) More

“Spanish private equity seeks to capture 3,000 million in 2020” Expansión (17.01.2020) More

“Private Equity reaches its all-time high with 8,513 million euros in 2019” RTVE (16.01.2020) More

“Grupo Agroponiente orientates its presence in Fruit Logistica to its operations” Mercados (14.01.2020) More

“Grupo Agroponiente makes an important commitment to its ESG policies” Agricultura 2000 (09.01.2020) More

“Beer&Food, present in the Top 10 of Franchises 2019 that is elaborated by Tormo Franquicias Consulting” Noticias de Emprendedores (07.01.2020) More

“The funds ask for political and economic stability to continue investing” El Economista (01.01.2020) More

“What does the sector ask for next year?” Capital Privado (31.12.2019) More

“Josep Grañó (Metalcaucho): ‘Digitization is an almost obligatory bet in all sectors'” MotorOK (27.12.2019) More

“Metalcaucho, solidarity and ecologists” Posventa.info (17.12.2019) More

“Beer&Food agreement with Mediapro for the broadcast of football” Restauración News (10.12.2019) More

“Josep Grañó (Metalcaucho): ‘It is of little value to sell at a very low price if the product does not meet expectations'” MotorOK (06.12.2019) More

“The investment funds, have they come to stay?” Mercados (02.12.2019) More

“Beer&Food reorganizes its division and creates new areas of franchising, real estate and construction” Europa Press (28.11.2019) More

“Jorge Reig: for Agroponiente the priority is the farmer” Agricultura 2000 (28.11.2019) More

“Auctions lose weight between funds” elEconomista (26.11.2019) More

“Isolana participates in the conference series of the III Real Estate Fair of Housing and Decoration of León with the talk ‘New construction techniques'” Leonoticias (24.11.2019) More

“The workshops of V.I. recognize the work of Metalcaucho with the Quality and Service Award” ICA Motor (21.11.2019) More

Interview with Borja Martínez de la Rosa, Founding Partner of Abac Capital, at CapCorp 2019 (15.11.2019) More

“The private equity business is sophisticated to the taste of the investor” elEconomista (08.11.2019) More

“Agroponiente markets with Demeter certification in Biodynamic Agriculture” Agricultura 2000 (30.10.2019) More

“The agri-food sector, refuge of funds” Capital Privado (29.10.2019) More

“Metalcaucho presents its innovations in Equip Auto” Posventa.info (22.10.2019) More

“Neither Brexit, nor Catalonia: private equity beats record by investing 5,890 million until September” elEconomista (22.10.2019) More

“Sergio Rivas, National Franchise Award 2019 to the trajectory” Restauración News (18.10.2019) More

“Record figures for Agroponiente in its 2018/2019 campaign” Alimarket (10.10.2019) More

“Beer&Food incorporates the double catering format within the same premises” Proveedores Hosteltur (10.10.2019) More

“Agroponiente receives the ‘Innovation and Commitment in Fruit and Vegetable Sector award” Agricultura 2000 (03.10.2019) More

“Funds weather the new economic storm” Capital Privado (24.09.2019) More

“Grupo Agroponiente will once again be the main sponsor of the II Guardias Viejas Trail ‘Blue Race for Autism’, of the Altea Association” La Voz de Almería (17.09.2019) More

“Beer&Food grows at a good pace with Abac Solutions” eEAlimentación (17.09.2019) More

“Interview with Jorge Reig, director of Grupo Agroponiente: ‘We can be the largest Almeria agri-food multinational’” Agricultura 2000 (11.09.2019) More

“Beer&Food announces three new openings in September” Hi Retail (05.09.2019) More

“Metalcaucho, present at the MIMS Automechanika Moscow fair” Autopos (29.08.2019) More

PronoKal Group: “Nursing homes benefited from donation of 7.000 types of food” Amprensa.com (22.08.2019) More

“The boom of the catering sector triggers mergers and purchases” Expansión (21.08.2019) More

“Tony Roma’s reaches 20 stores in Madrid” Restauración News (20.08.2019) More

“Beer&Food recognized as ‘company with aura'” Centros Comerciales (17.07.2019) More

“New family of Metalcaucho turbo oiler tubes” La Comunidad del Taller (12.07.2019) More

Interview with Oriol Pinya, Founding Partner and CEO of Abac Capital: “The entrance of funds in the fruit and vegetable sector is the beginning of something more” Revista F&H (10.07.2019) More

“Beer&Food and BBVA sign an agreement to support the expansion of the restaurant group” Hi Retail (09.07.2019) More

“The CEO of the franchise group Beer&Food receives an honorary award for his career” 100 Franquicias (05.07.2019) More

“Grupo Agroponiente, among the six exporters of fruits and vegetables from Almería that appear in the Andalusian Top 30” Mercados (03.07.2019) More

“Carl’s Jr. opens three new restaurants in one day” Restauración News (01.07.2019) More

“Grupo Agroponiente presents its new services and information app, developed by Grupo Hispatec” infoAgro.com (01.07.2019) More

“Metalcaucho increases contact with its customers in the Technical Conference of AD Vilber” Posventa.info (26.06.2019) More

“Sustainable investment makes its way in Spain” Capital Privado (25.06.2019) More

“Private equity puts the focus on the agri-food sector” Capital & Corporate (06.2019) More

“Metalcaucho, at the Technical Conference of AD Transcose” Autopos (18.06.2019) More

“Carl’s Jr. opens its eighth franchise in Madrid” 100 Franquicias (04.06.2019) More

“Grupo Agroponiente launches ‘Agroponiente Institute'” Agricultura 2000 (27.05.2019) More

“CEP partners visit the facilities of Plating Brap” Centro Español de Plásticos (23.05.2019) More

“Carls Jr opens another restaurant in the Basque Country” eEAlimentación (21.05.2019) More

“X-Madrid expands its commercial offer with Motocard” Hi Retail (20.05.2019) More

“Metalcaucho passes successfully through the Peña Automoción Group fair” Autopos (08.04.2019) More

“Tommy Mel’s changes its image in Spain” La Publicidad (05.04.2019) More

“Motocard, was present in the fair ‘Vive la Moto’, which filled Barcelona with activities about the world of two wheels” La Vanguardia (05.04.2019) More

“Grupo Agroponiente delivers its collaboration check to the Altea Autism Association in the framework of the Blue Race” Agricultura IDEAL (03.04.2019) More

“Sergio Rivas, CEO of Beer&Food: ‘We will open 200 stores in five years and enter the Italian and Asian segments'” El Economista (01.04.2019) More

“Grupo Agroponiente participates in the Naturpick research project for the development of fortified foods” FH Almería (18.03.2019) More

“Cajamar and Beer&Food agree their collaboration” Noticias de Almería (12.03.2019) More

“Tony Roma’s adds his restaurant number 15 in Madrid” Proveedores Hosteltur (08.03.2019) More

“Agroponiente adheres to the ‘Spanish Capital of Gastronomy Almería 2019′” Agricultura 2000 (04.03.2019) More

“The new Metalcaucho catalogue is now available online” Interempresas (28.02.2019) More

“Abac completes the acquisition of the Almeria group Agroponiente” Expansión (27.02.2019) More

“Sergio Rivas, CEO of the Beer&Food group: ‘We are not brand creators, we are big operators'” Restauración News (27.02.2019) More

“Carl’s Jr. arrives in Bilbao” Alimarket (20.02.2019) More

“Metalcaucho exhibits in the Technical Days of AD Egido” MRyT.es (18.02.2019) More

“Beer&Food will be at Live Center SOLIA with four of its brands” Hi Retail (12.02.2019) More

Motorcycle equipment company Motocard is integrated into Anesdor, which already brings together 49 companiesEuropa Press (06.02.2019) More

“The Beer&Food Group, member of the Spanish Global Compact Network” Europa Press (05.02.2019) More

“The Andalusian family business begins to let in external capital” ABC de Sevilla (03.02.2019) More

“Oriol Pinya, founding partner of Abac Capital: ‘2018 has been a very good year for private equity, with an investment of €5,000M, an unprecedented figure since 2007′” Capital&Corporate (01.2019) More

“Metalcaucho incorporates Mikel Equiza as the new Commercial Director” Posventa de Automoción (22.01.2019) More

“The Abac Solutions fund takes the majority in Grupo Agroponiente” Expansión Andalucía (16.01.2019) More

“Abac Solutions invests in the growth of Grupo Agroponiente, Lara Castañeda and Vegacañada” Diario de Almería (15.01.2019) More

“Investment funds opt for the franchise” Franquicias – El Economista (14.01.2019) More

“Sergio Rivas, CEO of Beer&Food: ‘We do not dedicate a second to invent concepts'” Emprendedores (03.01.2019) More

“Tony Roma’s returns to the province with a restaurant in Puerto Marina” Diario Sur (15.12.2018) More

“Investment funds are committed to the franchise sector in Spain” El Economista (12.12.2018) More

“Private equity beats its investment record in 2018 with 5,500 million” EFE (12.12.2018) More

“CAPCorp 2018: New year of maximums and next challenges” Capital&Corporate (12.2018) More

“Tony Batlló ‘jump to the engine’: he signs by Motocard as CEO” Modaes (07.12.2018) More

“Abac signs Tony Batlló as new Managing Director of Motocard” ARA (28.11.2018) More

“Beer&Food seeks purchases in Italian and Asian food” Expansión (24.11.2018) More

“Who is who in the Sergio Rivas team to turn Beer&Food into the leading restaurant group” Economía de Hoy (21.11.2018) More

“The sweet moment of private equity” Expansión Catalunya (09.11.2018) More

“Tony Roma’s can be booked from Instagram” Alimarket (08.11.2018) More

“Private equity sniffs the profitability of the sustainable” Cinco Días (04.11.2018) More

“Carl’s Jr. announces 10 new restaurants before the end of the year” Restauración News (17.10.2018) More

“Gustavo Sojka (CEO of PronoKal Argentina): ‘It is important that the patient makes the decision to change their lifestyle'” Ámbito Financiero (28.09.2018) More

“Carl’s Jr. hamburgers arrive in Barcelona through the Beer&Food group” Expansión Catalunya (26.10.2018) More

“The CEO and President of Tony Roma’s USA give the starting signal to the important expansion of the company in Spain” Franquiciasenred (24.09.2018) More

“The chains of the catering sector, the last objective of the investment funds in Spain” El Mundo (24.09.2018) More

“The fund of capital investment Abac Solutions acquires a majority stake in Motocard” Europa Press (17.09.2018) More

“Abac Capital acquires Motocard to boost its growth” Expansión (17.09.2018) More

“La Chelinda: first opening in Barcelona” Expansión (13.09.2018) More

“The conversion of bars to franchises promotes the catering sector” Franquicias – El Economista (10.09.2018) More

“Metalcaucho will introduce its new catalogue of spare parts at Automechanika Frankfurt” Posventa.info (06.09.2018) More

“Tony Roma’s remodels 100% of its own restaurants and implements its new image just six months after its purchase by Beer&Food” A Fuego Lento (03.09.2018) More

“Tony Roma’s arrives in Mallorca in its third opening of the year” Alimarket (28.08.2018) More

“Investors reserve table at restaurants” Expansión (11.08.2018) More

“Ascri delivers awards to private capital in Spain” Funds Society (07.08.2018) More

“Beer&Food (Gambrinus or Tommy Mel’s) joines forces with Banco Sabadell to facilitate the financing to franchisees” Europa Press (26.07.2018) More

“Metalcaucho incorporates 1,375 new references to its general catalogue of rubber and metal” Posventa de Automoción (16.07.2018) More

“11th edition of Private Capital Awards in Spain” Expansión (09.07.2018) More

“Alantra, Artá and Abac, awards of private capital” Cinco Días (06.07.2018) More

“Abac, among the winners of the Private Capital Awards in Spain 2018” ASCRI (04.07.2018) More

“Metalcaucho incorporates suspension arms and ball joints into its catalogue” Infotaller (22.06.2018) More

“Specific projects about electric mobility and different sustainable lighting systems, among the winners of the ADI 2018 Awards” Cic (18.06.2018) More

“Metalcaucho launches a website with information in six languages” Posventa de Automoción (11.06.2018) More

“Tony Roma’s changes its appearance after falling into the hands of the Abac Capital fund” El Español (10.06.2018) More

“Beer & Food reaches 100% of La Chelinda and leaves Indalo Tapas” Alimarket (04.06.2018) More

“Who is behind the purchase of 8 restaurant chains in Spain in 5 months?” Libre Mercado (03.06.2018) More

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“10 things you never have to say to your investor” Vía empresa (30.05.2018)  More

“Beer & Food starts the expansion of Tony Roma’s with a first restaurant in Albacete” abc franquicias (04.05.2018) More

“Private equity funds, in pursuit of trendy restaurants” El Independiente (27.04.2018) More

“Beer & Food appoints Paz Serrano as head of franchise” Alimarket (11.04.2018) More

“Private equity investment is reduced by 16% in the first quarter” elEconomista.es (30.03.2018) More

“Catering industry, a very appetizing dish for private equity” Capital & Corporate (03.2018) More

“Intuition is trading down” L’Econòmic (11.03.2018) More

“Figueras completes its offer in the high range and plans to grow again” La Vanguardia (07.03.2018) More

“Beer&Food takes over 100% of the Tony Roma’s master franchise” Expansión / EFE (05.03.2018) More

“A study by PronoKal Group shows that ketosis is safe and beneficial for overweight or obese patients” LifeSciencesLab (26.02.2018) More

Beer&Food: “Consolidated brands and new business concepts will meet at Expofranquicia 2018” La Vanguardia (22.02.2018) More

“Committed by a healthy weight, from PronoKal Group Mexico: commitment and medical support are the solution” Gente Bien Nacional (06.02.2018) More

“Abac Capital launches a seed capital vehicle” Expansión (06.02.2018) More

“Abac and the co-founder of Fractus join forces to invest in seed capital” La Vanguardia (05.02.2018) More

“Abac Capital takes over Beer & Food” Capital & Corporate (02.02.2018) More

“Experts foresee reactivation of the purchases and sales of companies after braking in Catalonia” Inversión & Finanzas (18.01.2018) More

“Figueras International: Acquisition of a British company of telescopic bleachers” Expansión Catalunya (18.01.2018) More

“Metalcaucho accelerates the entrance to new markets especially of Asia” El Punt Avui (14.01.2018) More

“Purchases and sales for 3,215 million” Expansión Catalunya (05.01.2018) More

“Metalcaucho, owned by Abac Solutions, reinforces its team with a manager of Sasic” Expansión (20.12.2017) More

“CAPCorp 2017: The private equity sector is recovered” Capital & Corporate Magazine (12.2017) More (p.40-42)

PronoKal Group: “More than 35% of those over 65 suffer from obesity and over 45% overweight” El Economista (29.11.2017) More

“Metalcaucho presents its new range of injection kits” Infotaller.tv (27.11.2017) More

Interview with Borja Martínez de la Rosa, Founding Partner of Abac Capital, at CapCorp 2017 (20.11.2017) More

“Metalcaucho expands its family of turbo hoses with 74 new references” Posventa.info (20.11.2017) More

“Figueras, the leader of the seats, acquires the British Zoeftig” Expansión Catalunya (13.11.2017) More

“PronoKal Group invests 7 million euros in research on obesity” Style By Shockvisual (09.11.2017) More

“Metalcaucho renews its catalogue of distribution kits” Infotaller.tv (26.10.2017) More

“The big funds show in the City their concern about the drift of Catalonia” Expansión (18.10.2017) More

Abac, in the supplement ‘Quién es Quién’ of Expansión – “Private Equity: the sector, in full swing” Expansión (10.2017) More

“Opening of PronoKal Space” Norte en Línea (25.09.2017) More

Figueras International Seating: “The ‘Teatro Principal’ (Zaragoza) premieres seats and season” Heraldo de Aragón (25.09.2017) More

“Metalcaucho convenes a meeting with Russian distributors at MIMS Automechanika Moscow” Posventa.info (24.07.2017) More

“Private equity funds aim for a record year of investment in Spain” La Vanguardia (24.07.2017) More

“Mergers and acquisitions soar more than 84% in Spain” El Periódico (09.07.2017) More

“The Catalan Government promotes a cluster before the loss of weight of the financial sector” Expansión Catalunya (06.07.2017) More

“Metalcaucho and STC attended Autopromotec 2017” Infotaller.tv (03.07.2017) More

“PronoKal Group consolidates expansion with a new opening in Costa Rica” PMFarma (29.06.2017) More

“Metalcaucho strengthens its Quality Department with two new incorporations” Posventa.info (27.06.2017) More

Figueras International Seating: “The dramatic play of seats” El Punt Avui (12.06.2017) More

“New Design Centre Figueras International Seating by Miriam Castells Studio” A As Architecture (07.06.2017) More

PronoKal Group: “New treatment for weight loss reaches Costa Rica” El Mundo CR (28.05.2017) More

“Private equity starts the year strongly: it grows 36% through March” Cinco Días (26.05.2017) More

“Metalcaucho launches 185 references of turbo sleeves for more than 3,000 applications” Posventa.info (17.05.2017) More

“Abac acquires 100% of Catalan PronoKal together with the management team” Capital & Corporate (05.2017) More

“Abac advised by EY on PronoKal deal” Iberian Lawyer (04.05.2017) More

“Abac Solutions buys PronoKal Group to double sales” Catalunya, El Economista (02.05.2017) More

“Abac hopes to get Spain in shape with PronoKal acquisition” Real Deals (20.04.2017) More

“The fund Abac buys firm of food supplements per thousand mdp” El Financiero (16.04.2017) More

“Figueras: Mobile armchairs for the Liceu” Expansión Catalunya (11.04.2017) More

“PronoKal Group presents its new PnK method to the Mexican medical community” Neo Health (09.04.2017) More

“The fund Abac and the management team buy Pronokal for 50 million” La Vanguardia (04.04.2017) More

“The owners of Metalcaucho and Figueras buy PronoKal Group” Expansión Catalunya (04.04.2017) More

“Abac buys PronoKal to make it grow in Latin America and Europe” El Economista (04.04.2017) More

“The Catalan fund Abac Solutions buys PronoKal Group” ARA (04.04.2017) More

“Abac enters in the tasty business of the diets when buying the Catalan PronoKal” El Confidencial (03.04.2017) More

“Mergers and acquisitions” Expansión Catalunya (21.03.2017) More

“Figueras deploys a growth plan to double sales” El 9 nou (17.03.2017) More

“Private Equity rubs hands with macro forecasts and looks at the stock market” Capital Madrid (26.01.2017) More

“Metalcaucho aims to have a turnover of 50 million by growing in Asia and Africa” Expansión Catalunya (23.01.2017) More

“Abac raises €320m with its inaugural fund” Capital & Corporate (12.2016) More (pages 16-20)

“Metalcaucho moves to Rubí to double its store” Expansión Catalunya (11.11.2016) More

Interview with Borja Martínez de la Rosa, Founding Partner of Abac Capital Capital & Corporate (08.11.2016) More

“Private equity funds targeting mid-sized Spanish consumer businesses” Iberian Lawyer (26.10.2016) More

“Fundraising: knocking at the LP’s door” Capital & Corporate (10.2016) More (pages 28-32)

“Figueras launches a plan to double its sales after the arrival of Abac” Expansión Catalunya (05.10.2016) More

“Figueras expects to double revenues following the arrival of Abac” Expansión (05.10.2016) More

“Catalan funds raise €1,100m to invest in companies” La Vanguardia (05.06.2016) More

“Spain-headquartered Abac Capital closes debut fund at €320m” Closing Circle (01.06.2016) More

“Abac closes its maiden fund at €320m” Private Equity Wire (01.06.2016) More

“Abac closes its maiden fund at €320m” FTSE Global Markets (31.05.2016) More

“ASM closes inaugural midmarket Spain fund at over $356m” The PE Hub (31.05.2016) More

“Abac closes its maiden fund” Expansión (31.05.2016) More

“Abac closes its maiden fund at €320m” El Economista (31.05.2016) More

“Abac raises €320m for its maiden fund” La Vanguardia (30.05.2016) More

“The Catalan fund Abac raises €320m to invest in Spain” El Confidencial (30.05.2016) More

“Figueras designs new seating for The Alhambra Theatre in Geneva” La Vanguardia (30.03.2016) More

“Figueras establishes a new board after 60% disposal to Abac” Expansión (03.03.2016) More

“Abac supports social entepreneurs joining Ship2B” (19.02.2016) More

“Abac acquires Metalcaucho” Capital & Corporate (08.09.2015) More

“Harley-Davidson General Manager signs up for the Mercadona of the automotive aftermarket. Josep Granyo joins Metalcaucho”. El Confidencial (16.09.15) More

“Metalcaucho, spare parts leader, renews its management team and signs Josep Granyó as new CEO”. Expansión (17.09.15) More

Private Equity news

“European private equity breaks all investment records in 2021” Expansión (21.01.2022) More

“Private equity had its second-best year ever in Spain in 2021” Cinco Días (21.01.2022) More

“Private Equity, a booming market” Capital Riesgo (09.12.2021) More

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“Private equity to reach one trillion euros in sustainable assets by 2025” elEconomista (12.10.2021) More

“AEB calls for ‘flexibility in the regulation’ of sustainable finance” elEconomista (05.10.2021) More

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“Spanish private equity wants to lift the veto on international investment” Expansión (14.08.2021) More

“Private equity starts its recovery: investment grows 27% in Spain in the first half of the year” El Economista (20.07.2021) More

“72% of private equity firms already take ESG criteria into account, says PwC” Europa Press (09.06.2021) More

“Private equity investment rebounds 84% in first quarter” Europa Press (13.05.2021) More

“The private equity is the alternative investment with the greatest potential in the next five years” Expansión (20.11.2020) More

“The Government prepares a tax change for private equity funds” FundsPeople (12.11.2020) More

“Only 22% of fund investors know the ESG criteria, according to the Inverco Observatory” FundsPeople (29.10.2020) More

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“The shielding of foreign funds quarantines private equity” Cinco Días (19.03.2020) More

“Coronavirus will affect private equity in the health sector in an uneven way, according to Bain & Company” Europa Press (12.03.2020) More

“Global private equity manages more than four billion dollars in assets” Expansión (15.02.2020) More

“Sustainable investment soars to record levels” Expansión (21.01.2020) More

“The rise of private equity as an investment” Funds & Markets (19.11.2019) More

“Private equity: bilateral processes gain strength in mega-purchases in Spain” Expansión (11.11.2019) More

“Private Equity beats record investment until September in Spain with more than 4,000 million” Europa Press (05.11.2019) More

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“Private Equity Surges in Southeast Asia” Chief Investment Officer (13.09.2019) More

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“Private capital invests 4 billion in Spain in the first half, 20% more” Europa Press (17.07.2019) More

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“The private equity sector breaks records for the second year in a row” Expansión (08.07.2019) More

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“Sir Ronald Cohen: ‘Investors are already asking private equity to have a social impact'” Cinco Días (15.06.2019) More

“Catalonia leads private equity operations but Madrid receives more funds” eldiario.es (09.06.2019) More

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“Capital Pours Into PE Funds, Fueled By An Increasingly Popular Exit, The Secondary Market” Forbes (22.05.2019) More

“Private Equity managers hit the road in quest for $1tn” Financial Times (08.04.2019) More

“Private Equity becomes higher in responsible investment” Capital-Riesgo.es (06.03.2019) More

“Alternatives in 2019: Another Record Year for Private Equity Real Estate Deals in 2018” Preqin (12.02.2019) More

“Record of private equity funds in search of resources in the global market” Expansión (19.01.2019) More

“International funds continue to rely on Spain, account for 77% of investment in private equity” La Vanguardia (16.01.2019) More

“Private equity investment pulverized its own highs in 2018” Cinco Días (16.01.2019) More

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“ASCRI presents the first guide of good practices of capital investment” Inversión & Finanzas (11.12.2018) More

“Europe likes the investor more and more: ‘tech’ captures four times more capital than five years ago” Kippel01 (05.12.2018) More

“Insurance surrenders to acquisition megaoperations” Expansión (17.11.2018) More

“Private equity in Spain expects to exceed 6,000 million this year in what will be a new record” Valencia Plaza (08.11.2018) More

“Private equity will outperform ‘hedge funds’ as the main alternative asset in five years” Expansión (01.11.2018) More

“Spanish private equity no longer wants to be called risk capital” Vozpópuli (28.10.2018) More

“Savings banks foresee a growth of private capital investment in Spain” Servimedia (17.10.2018) More

“The investment in private equity will reach 6,000 million by the end of the year, five times more than in Italy” Europa Press (17.10.2018) More

“Private equity achieves a historic record: moves 5,445 million through September” El Economista (16.10.2018) More

“The concentration of global private equity accelerates” Expansión (13.10.2018) More

“The popularity of private equity resists the fall in profitability” Expansión (22.09.2018) More

“The takeoff of private equity” ABC (18.09.2018) More

“86% of private equity investors plan to maintain or increase their investments” Opalesque (17.09.2018) More

“Private equity invests more than 3,000 million in Spain” Expansión (19.07.2018) More

“International funds star in the 77% of investment in private equity” La Vanguardia (18.07.2018) More

“The year 2018 aims to another record year in investment volume of Private Capital” ASCRI (18.07.2018) More

“The Spanish private equity reduces to the minimum expression the sales at a losses” Expansión (23.06.2018) More

“Private Equity and Tech” Forbes (21.06.2018) More

“Miguel Zurita, president of Ascri: ‘The private equity will have a year as good as 2017′” Expansón (11.06.2018) More

“The private equity and venture capital investment reached the historical maximum of 5,000 million in 2017” Capital Riesgo (30.05.2018) More

“Cross-border transactions: strategies, risks and best practices” Capital & Corporate (29.05.2018) More

“The Government injects 500 million more for private equity” Expansión (14.05.2018) More

“Private equity mega funds focusing on China take over the market” Expansión (22.04.2018) More

“Absolute record of investment of private capital in Spain: the estimatation for 2017 produces a volume of almost 5,000 million euros” Funds Society (11.04.2018) More

“EU launches a program to boost investment of private equity in innovation” Inversión & Finanzas (10.04.2018) More

“Private capital has globally more than 600,000 million dollars to make new investments” Legal Today (06.04.2018) More

“Private Equity funds receive record amounts of capital” Financial Times (03.04.2018) More

“Historical record of ‘private equity’: the funds have 628,000 million to invest” El Confidencial (22.03.2018) More

“Can Private Equity Put Record Capital Flows To Work?” Forbes (20.03.2018) More

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“New support for private equity: ICO will inject 197 million for new funds” El Economista (28.02.2018) More

“Private equity beats record by capturing 397 billion in 2017” Vozpópuli (19.02.2018) More

“Mega buyout funds reshaping private equity industry” Reuters (14.02.2018) More

“Private Equity, at maximum” El País (04.02.2018) More

“10 Predictions For Private Equity In 2018” Forbes (24.01.2018) More

“Private equity predicts another record year after moving 4,900 million in 2017” El Economista (16.01.2018) More

“Foreign investment in Spain doubles in 2017 despite the crisis in Catalonia” La Vanguardia (02.01.2018) More

“The secret of a good deal is in the valuation” Capital & Corporate (12.2017) More

“Private Equity investors disregard China’s risks” Expansión (09.12.2017) More

“Investments in private equity exceed 33,000 million in the third quarter” La Vanguardia (07.12.2017) More

“The insurance offers a network of protection to the Iberian ‘private equity’ worth 1,000 million” Expansión (05.12.2017) More

“Private equity funds find strength in numbers” Financial Times (28.11.2017) More

“Europe gains attractiveness for Chinese and American investors” Expansión (26.11.2017) More

“The Government will continue its commitment to private equity” Expansión (14.11.2017) More

“The fight for Spanish companies raises prices in private equity” El Economista (08.11.2017) More

“Spain has reached a historical figure in private capital, according to Ascri” EFE (17.10.2017) More

“CMS European M&A Outlook 2017: 67% of European executives predict an increase in mergers and acquisitions in 2018” Capital-Riesgo.es (05.10.2017) More

“UK private equity remains strong in the face of Brexit – but London wasn’t the top city for money invested” City A.M. (04.10.2017) More

“Preqin: Private markets funds raise big money in third quarter, but vary among strategies” Pensions&Investments (03.10.2017) More

“The Turning Of The Cycle: Private Equity Fund Performance [Datagraphic]” Value Walk (27.09.2017) More

“The amount of M&A operations in Spain increased by 27.20%” TTR (21.09.2017) More

“Tech Buyout Funds Outperform Since 2000” Institutional Investor (14.09.2017) More

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