The Firm

Founded in 2014, Abac Capital is a European independent private equity manager with offices in Barcelona and Madrid. The firm manages investments of solid and growing companies that need transformational capital.

Abac's management team has more than one hundred years of experience in investments in countless sectors, countries, stages of development and deal structures.

We add value to the investment thanks to our digital experience, the strong professional and personal relationships we establish, our deep knowledge of the sector and our focus on sustainability.

Value Investing Criteria

We like cash flow positive businesses led by great teams that face transformational challenges or need liquidity and advice to fund their growth. We leverage our strong network of Fast Forward Operating Partners to transform businesses with a hands-on management approach, delivering long-term, sustainable returns.

Type of investment

Target company size

Target industries

Transaction size

Type of investment

Cash flow positive companies that face transformational challenges: Partnerships, Buy & Builds, Misunderstood Assets, Undermanaged Assets, Carveouts, Buy in Team.

Target company size

Small and medium sized companies with revenues above €30m and EBITDA above €5m.

Target industries

Focus on: Services, Industrials, TMT, Consumer Digital, Healthcare and Energy. Opportunistically, we can also consider other sectors but only if we have a strong angle.

Transaction size

Average equity investment ranging €15m-€60m. The equity ticket may be increased with co-investments from institutional limited partners.

Sustainable Value Strategy

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We are a hands-on partner, supporting management teams in the joint definition and execution of a business strategy. Our Operating Partners, led by Abac Fast Forward, bring specialist digital, sustainability and operational experience to provide in-depth analysis and seamless execution of the business transformation envisaged. We ensure that our board of directors and teams have clear agendas, long-term focus and sustainable impact goals to ensure the successful development of the business plan.

ABAC Fast Forward counts on more than 30 Operating Partners. Today more than 24 are engaged across 100% of portfolio companies.

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By pursuing a sustainable value creation strategy we put our investors’ capital to work for good. Sustainability is a true driver of not only social and environmental impact but also financial performance and long-term value creation. That is why, since inception, Abac has integrated sustainability as a key pillar in the investment strategy.

Motocard is applying for BCorp certification.

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With the support of Abac Fast Forward, the companies have access to the best resources to accelerate digital transformation opportunities. 

The approach is tailored to each company and is focused on areas such as: digital business development, operations digitalization, data science and technology.

Upgraded the customer journey from an analogic experience to a fully digital one with the creation of a customer app, e-commerce channel, prescriber platform and CRM.

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We grow our businesses’ international footprint through add-on acquisitions and through organic growth.

50% of portfolio companies acquired international add-ons
40% of revenues generated internationally

Motocard has deployed an international online customer acquisition strategy, created and engaged their online community with more than 200k users and developed customer intelligence data.