Founded in 2014, Abac Capital is an independent private equity advisor. Based in Barcelona, the firm advises Abac Solutions Manager on investments across the capital structure of solid Spanish businesses that require financial support or capital for growth.

We like solid cash flow positive businesses led by great teams that face transformational challenges or need liquidity and advice to fund their growth. In Abac Capital, we believe that we add value through operational excellence, strong personal and professional relationships, deep industry knowledge and financial acumen.


Why Abac

Sustainable value investing strategy
We believe that our job is not only to identify attractive opportunities and unlock trapped value in portfolio companies, rather we are determined to accomplish it by doing the right thing even if it takes longer or costs more.
Strong partnership with portfolio companies
We are constantly looking for opportunities to execute portfolio companies’ plan through our investment and support teams, our boards of directors and our operating partners and senior advisors.
Experienced team with a successful track record
Abac Capital founders have advised, managed and exited over € 2.7 billion in equity and debt-like instruments in over 30 companies.
Committed capital behind our ideas
We commit our wealth to our investment advise as we invest alongside fund investors and management teams.
Certainty of execution
We have a simple, fast and structured decision making process, that delivers clear feedback during the execution phase of a deal.
Long term relationships
We do not speculate. We are loyal to management teams and we support businesses throughout the cycle to make them succeed.


Investment criteria

Type of investment
Spanish cash flow positive companies that need owner transition, recapitalization or growth financing.
Target company size
Companies with revenues above €30m and EBITDA above €5m.
Target industries
Consumer, Services and Industrials. Opportunistically, we can also consider other sectors but only if we have a strong angle.
Transaction size
Average investment ranging €20m-€50m million. Ticket may be further increased through co-investments from institutional limited partners.
Transaction instruments
Control deals with common or preferred equity, or debt instruments convertible into equity. We may pursue minority and debt deals with PE-type returns if we have the appropriate governance and exit rights.